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lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

Steve jobs, the co-creator of Apple, dies at the age of 56

       Steve jobs, the co-founder and ex-CEO of Apple, died this last Wednesday, at the age of 56, because of the pancreatic cancer that he had since 2004.

     Steve, before born, was adoptated by a couple of Silicon Valley, where he spent his childhood. After finish his high school studies, he enrolled in Reed College in Portland, Oregon, but he left it after a few months. In 1974 he gets a job in Atari, the videogame company. Then he left his job to find spiritual enlightenment.

     When he back home, in 1976, he founded with Steve Wozniak Apple company. They want to do cheaper, intuitive and lighter computers to allow costumers use the technology. They started with the Apple I, a computer which was built in the Jobs' garage, and sold by 666.666 $. Then they created the Apple II, the computer that launch the company, being in 1980 one of the richest companies in America.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak with the motherboard of their Apple II
     After the success of the company, it starts to came down, because of the competition of IBM products. This situation took Jobs to left the company. Then he started an informatic company called NeXT. He also bought an animation company of George Lucas, that after it was named as Pixar Animation Studios, that has made animation films like Toy Story and Finding Nemo.

     In 1997, Apple company acquire NeXT, so Jobs back to his first company. The years after, he had totally change technology has we known, creating products like the iMac, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad, which had relaunch the company as one of the most important companies in the world and the most valorated by customers.

steve jobs inventos
Invents of Steve Jobs

       In 2004, Jobs discovered that he had a weird pancratic cancer, that was removed the same years successfuly. But the cancer growed again, and Jobs get ill, leaving definitely the company tihs last july. This last Wednesday 6th, he left her wife Laurene Powell, his four children and each person in the world.

Steve Jobs life in images

Steve Jobs Stanford Speech (part 1)

Steve Jobs Stanford Speech (part 2)

"Let's make a dent in the universe"

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